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Amaron Quanta Tubular Battery 12V/200AH



Amaron Quanta  Tubular Battery 12V/200AH is an all-purpose continuous source of power. It is suitable for multi-activities, where power cuts can cause heavy damage and great losses in terms of energy. working hours machinery and money which can give rise to multiple losses in services of all kinds. Amaron Quanta Tubular Battery 12v/2ooah  takes care of all such functions arising from sudden power breaks. Tubular batteries are designed specially to withstand long frequent power cuts and require deficient maintenance. Heat sealing method using FFT (Fused Fusion Welding) technology provides longer life. Amaron Quanta Tubular Battery 12V/200AH is ideally suited for applications requiring deep cycling.

Features of Amaron Quanta Tubular Inverter Battery 200AH/12V

Fused Fusion Welding (FFT) technology provides longer life.

Strong rugged container with heat-sealed cover handless for easy lifting.

Microporous aqua trap ceramic vent plug with electrolyte.

Deep cycle design with very low maintenance.

The superior active material for excellent discharge performance.

Supplied on factory charge tested condition.
Battery Specifications for Amaron Quanta 12v/200ah

Capacity (Ah) 40 to 240 Ah
Battery Capacity 12 V
Filled Weight 62 kg
Battery Type Tubular Battery
Warranty 1 year
Capacity 40 AH TO 240 AH
Usage/Application HOME, OFFICE, INDUSTRY
Brand Amaron Quanta
Voltage 12
Technology Lead Acid Battery
Minimum Order Quantity 1 12 V 200 Ah


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