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Luminous Tubular Battery – 12V/220AH

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Luminous Tubular Battery – 12V/220AH provides premium energy solution in the form of world-class, powerful batteries for various needs, since 1991. With a vision to create continuous excellence in the battery industry, Luminous Tubular Battery – 12V/220AH Environ+ provides high quality product with revolutionary technology in the latest design and functioning. Some of the features include:

  • Use of Antimony-Selenium special alloy for fine casting, which last longer and intensifies grid to withstand corrosion during battery life.
  • The use of Polymer container for sturdy performance and near zero vibration. It has a very smooth finish, which adds premiums.
  • The Tubular Positive plates are cast in special casting machine with controlled temperature.
  • Positive plates are filled with Red Oxide mixture to give more life and capacity to the battery.
  • Negative plates are cured under special chamber with controlled temperature and humidity.

1 review for Luminous Tubular Battery – 12V/220AH

  1. Chinonso Chukwunyere

    Very reliable Battery Excellent Back up

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