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Ritar 150Ah/12V AGM Inverter Battery



Ritar 150Ah/12V AGM Inverter Battery is a brand of Deep Cycle (DC) series battery. They provide high Superior Integrity and Reliability. It is specially designed for frequent cyclic charge and discharge. They are made of strong grids like high purity lead and patented AGM electrolyte. The DG series like the Ritar Battery series are  excellent in recovery after deep discharge and under frequent cyclic discharge use. Ritar AGM Battery can deliver over 400 cycles and  100% of Dept of Discharge (DOD) . Ritar Batteries are very Suitable for Solar and inverter installations, CATV, marine, RV and deep discharge UPS.  AGM Batteries are also used in Telecommunication. The Ritar 150Ah/12V AGM Inverter Battery is a Valve Regulated Lead Acid Battery (VRLA) which offers a long design life span of over 4 years and also comes with a  year warranty which is followed by  after sales service.

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12V – 96V


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